Multi-Purpose Trolley XCSYQ234TA

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Delivery time:
Around 5 Days
check Dimension (L x W x H) 650 x 475 x 900 mm
check With 2 shelves
check Dimension (L x W x H) 650 x 475 x 900 mm
check With 2 shelves
Delivery time:
Around 5 Days

Multi-Purpose Trolleys XCSYQ234TA

All the necessary instruments for any kind of treatment are always close at hand with the Multi-Purpose Trolley XCSYQ234TA. It's part of the Sollio Series.


Sollio Series

The Sollio Series was created with the incentive to enable a smooth organization within medical operations. All the trolleys provide support and help to staff members as well as patients who profit from a well arranged treatment.

Style, functionality and durability – these are three main components which define and summarize the concept of our hospital trolleys.



Appealing designs created by different combinations of color which perfectly align with their environment.



A big variety of models that each fulfil their intended purpose in order to support the user.



A long-lasting lifespan guaranteed by stainless steel as well as drawers that are made to resist temperature, weight and corrosion.


Color options (drawers)

By a huge range of possibilities to choose a color design and accessories, it is ensured that the demand or taste of any customer is met accordingly.


Technical Specification

Product Name XCSYQ234TA
Item number 1-100704-0540-211
Category Multi-Purpose Trolley
Series Sollio Series
Measurements and Weight
External Dimensions (W x D x H) [mm] 650 x 478 x 982
Main Body Dimensions (W x D x H) [mm] 650 x 475 x 900
Net Weight [kg] 15
Max. Loading of each drawer [kg] 50
Max. Total Loading [kg] 200
No. of Drawer --
Height of the Drawer [mm] --
Number of Cabinet --
Height of the cabinet [mm] --
Number of Shelf 2
Mobility aids  
Castors 4 single castors (Ø 100 mm), two with brakes and one with directional lock
Wall Bumper 4 Corners
Fence Three-sided fence around the worktop
Pillar 4 Pillars made of aluminum alloy pillar PVDF coating.Beschichtung
Side and Back Boards --
Worktop --
Drawer --
Drawer handle --
Fence 304 Stainless steel
Wall Bumper ABS
Color --
(XCSPZK11T1) Central Lock System --
(XCSPYC11T0) Seals Locking System --
(XCSDZ11T1) Digital Lock --
(XCSPSX23T4) Extendable Table --
(XCSPHG15T1) Soft-Closing Drawer Runners --
(XCSWW21T4) Waste Bin ○¹
(XCSPFH21T4) Anti-slip Mat --
(XCSPGB21T4) Drawer Divider, transparent --
(XCSPYQ13T1) Defibrillator Shelf : Powder-coated Steel
(XCSYQ15T2) Defibrillator Shelf : Stainless Steel
(XCSGK112TA) Wire Basket : 230 x 110 x 140 mm ○¹
(XCSGK112TB) Wire Basket : 350 x 100 x 130 mm ○¹
(XCSSE112TA) IV Pole : 2 hooks
(XCSSE112TB) IV Pole : L-shaped, 4 hooks
(XCSSE112TC) IV Pole : 4 hooks
(XCSQJ23T4) CPR Board --
(XCSPYQ11T1) Oxygen Tank Holder --
(XCSPDY31T4) Power Strip Holder --
(XCSSX11T1) Disinfectant Dispenser ○¹
(XCSST23T4) Glove Dispenser ○¹
(XCSPRQ21T4) Sharps Container ○¹
(XCSPYH22T4) Medicine Holder --
(XCSYB224TA) Medicine Box
(XCSYB224TB) Medicine Cup --
(XCSDB11T1) Disposable Enclosure Lock --
(XCSPBL22T4) Slide Board --
(XCSPXT11T1) Shelf ○¹
(XCSPDL23T4) Single Castor ● x 3
(XCSDL23T4D) Directional Castor ● x 1
(XCSSL25T4) Double Castor
(XCSPFS23T4) Push Handle --
(XCSDH11T1) Accessory Bar (Standard Rail) **
(XCSMZ11T1) Anesthesia Box --
● Standard  
○ Optional  
-- not available  
** ¹ one standard rail needed  
** ² two standard rails needed  

Further Information

Detailed specification on request.



Brochures on request.



 CE Certificate  ISO 9001 Certificate

More Information
Item Number 1-100704-0540-211
Delivery Time Around 5 Days
Short Description
check Dimension (L x W x H) 650 x 475 x 900 mm
check With 2 shelves
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