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Smart3D (3 in 1) offers all 3 (CBCT, CEPH and PAN) in one device with 360 degrees full angle accurate scanning, 0.5mm minifocus X-Ray tube, 27micrometer CCD Ceph sensor, Patient Anti-Collision indicating device, integrated sensor for both 3D and Panoramic Images, along with a touch screen.

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Smart3D (3 in 1) has 3 functions: CBCT, CEPH, and PAN.


- Offering a touch screen with a membrane button allowing an easier method for disinfection. 6 laser beams are present for accurate positioning. An integrated inbuilt sensor used for Pano and CT. Electric Chinrest guides. One-click setting for multiple scan modes.


- Adhering to its all great image quality, LargeV’s new release of Smart3D 3 in 1 offers Felixibility, Clarity and Safety in one device. Serving 3 functions: CBCT, PAN and CEPH, Smart3D aims to provide the best image quality at a resolution of 2.0 lp/mm with an optional FOV Flexibility (5cm x 5cm - 15cm x 9cm); associated with a minifocus X-Ray Tube, a Ceph detector as well as a CT detector. TrueMAR for metal artefact removal is also integrated.

CBCT Functions

Safe to use

- Patent anti-collision indicating device. Zero dose presentation mode for relaxing. TMJ Mode. Full/Half width Ceph mode optimizing dose.

Clear Images

- 360 Degrees Scan
- Flexible 5cm x 5cm – 15cm x 9cm FOV (optional)

- Resolution: 2.0 lp/mm, 0.1-0.25mm Voxel Size
Voxel Groß
- 0.5mm Minifocus X-Ray Tube ensuring superior image quality

- TrueMAR Correction Module for Metal Artefact Removal
- Clear 2D Images

PAN and CEPH Functions

- Definition Mode

- Shape of Dental arch
- Joint Mode
- Carpus Image for bone age estimation
- Word-leading 27 micrometer CCD Ceph Sensor
CCD Ceph Sensor

- Full/Half width images optimizing dose

Convenient Diagnostic Software

Implant Simulation
- Evaluation of scelrotin and mass of bone in the implated area.
- Determination of the location (position, length and diameter) of the implants and adjacent anatomical structures; aiming at the reduction of neurovascular injuries complications as well as improving the success rate of implantation.
Bone Density indications Knochendichtenanzeigen
SmartCeph- Cephalometric Measurement Software SmartCeph
TMJ Joint Diagnosis - Displaying left and right TMJ on one screen, providing more information for the diagnosis of TMJ disorders.
Straightforward 3D display - Allowing users to communicate easily.
Precise reconstruction - The voxel size (up to 0.05mm) offers a more suitable diagnosis of Endodontics disease. 


Technical Specification

Product Name Smart3D (3 in 1)
Item number 1-121822-0610-012
Category Dental CT
Measurements and Weight
Overall Dimension (W x L x H) [mm] With cephalostat:
1978 x 1526 x 1693-2393
  Without cephalostat:
1100 × 1526 × 1693-2393
Distance from chin rest to the ground 932-1712
Space requirement (W x L x H) [m] With cephalostat: 2.5 × 2.1 × 2.5
  Without cephalostat: 1.6 × 2.1 × 2.5
Approximate Weight [kg] With cephalostat: 335
  Without cephalostat: 285
General Specifications
Scan Position Standing
Scan Angle 360°
Status Lighting Indicator Green when ready
Red when image taken
Positioning System • Electric chin rest
• Head positioner
•Ear Clip, nose frame and palm rest
• Anti-collision indication
• Six laser beam for accurate positioning
Controller LCD Touch screen
Imaging & Visualization
Software Smart V®, Smart V®Dicom, Smart V®Database Manager
Image Processing 2D /3D image, Pseudo color, S/W, Panorama, Cephalometric measurement, Slice display, Image zooming and panning, Implant simulation, Bone density indications, Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) imaging, Bone age estimation, TrueMAR correction, Full/half width images optimize dose, Dental arch, Joint mode, etc.
3D CBCT Modality
CT Sensor Type CsI+CMOS Flat Panel Detector
CT Field of View (FOV) (D*H) [mm] 5 x 5/ 8 x 8/ 12 x 8/ 15 x 9
CT Voxel Size [mm] 0.075 / 0.1 / 0.125 / 0.25
CT Scan Time 15 seconds
CT Exposure Time 13 seconds
CT Reconstruction time 15-40 seconds
Image Resolution Spatial Resolution ≥ 2.0 lp/mm
Panoramic Modality
Imaging Mode and Rang Adult/ child panoramic photography, TMJ photography (Left / Right)
Pan Sensor Type CsI+CMOS Flat Panel Detector
Pan Sensor Voxel Size 0.1mm
Pan Scan Time 6-11 seconds
Image Resolution spatial resolution ≥3.0lp / mm
Cephalometric Modality ( Optional )
Imaging Mode and Rang Cranial lateral (full-size or half-size), Anteroposterior, Palm
Ceph Sensor Type Csl + CCD TDI Detector
Cep Sensor Voxel Size 27 µm
Ceph Scan Time 8-13 Seconds
Image Resolution spatial resolution ≥5.0lp / mm
X-Ray Generator
X-ray Tube Type Minifocus 0.4 mm
X-ray Tube Voltage 60-100 kV
X-ray Tube Current 2-10 mA
Focal spot 0.5 (IEC336)
Max Exposure Power 600W
Installation Data
Operating Temperature 10°C - 30°C
Storage Temperature -20°C - 55°C
Humidity ≤75%
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50Hz, 2000VA
Warranty 2 years
Workstation PC requirements (minimum)*
Operating System Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)
CPU Intel Dual-Core i3 or above
Memory 8GB Ram or above
Graphic Card NVidia GeForce GT640 or above
  * For full details on supported PC
requirements, please contact us for the latest information.


Further Information

Detailed specification on request.



Brochures on request.



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Xcelsitas and LargeV, a world leader in scanning technology, brought their expertise to the dental market and introduced the dental CT at IDS. The HiRes3D delivers unique value at an unmatched price-performance ratio and is designed to the needs of dentists, orthodontists and dental surgeons in all of Europe.

We have a rigorously-trained professional team, which can provide comprehensive presale technical and business support, complete market operation and product application solutions as well as after sale services whenever needed.

Xcelsitas and LargeV at IDS 2015

Xcelsitas Booth at IDS 2015


Press Release 2015

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Item Number 1-121822-0610-012
Delivery Time By individual agreement
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Smart3D (3 in 1) offers all 3 (CBCT, CEPH and PAN) in one device with 360 degrees full angle accurate scanning, 0.5mm minifocus X-Ray tube, 27micrometer CCD Ceph sensor, Patient Anti-Collision indicating device, integrated sensor for both 3D and Panoramic Images, along with a touch screen.