Bariatric Bed XC50-10

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XC50-10 Bariatric Bed with 100cm width and weight measurment.
XC50-10 Bariatric Bed with 100cm width and weight measurment.
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Bariatric Bed XC50-10

XC50 is designed as a Bariatric Bed to support the healthcare giver on mobilizing and care giving for patients of size up to 500kg to overcome barriers to achieve streamline workflow. It offers a perfect solution to keep patients comfortable and confident, from the ICU to post-operative recovery routine. The one-stop service implemented getting the patients from lying in bed, to sitting up, to standing under a safety environment by function of trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg, lateral rotation therapy/tilt, FullChair position, electric lifting, x-ray compatibility, nightlight, exit alarm, weight measurment and double autoregression.


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Technical Specification

Product Name XC50-10
Item number 1-161808-0181-011
Category Bariatric Bed
Physical features
Dimension of Reclining area/ lying surface (L x W mm) 2000 x 1000
External Length (mm) 2220
Bed extension (mm) ● Electric, ±100
External Width (mm) 1080
Min. Height (mm) 450
Max. Height (mm) 850
Number of platform sections 4
Safe Working Load (kg) 500
Motor Type (brand, country of origin) T-motion
Castors / wheel (Ø mm, number) ● 4 x Ø 150mm, Double plastic castors with
central locking system
Fifth Wheel (Ø mm)
Operating Angles & Positions
Trendelenburg (& Anti) Tilt (°)
( Mechanic / Electric )
● Electric , 14°/-14°
Lateral Tilt ( Left & Right )(°) ● Electric, 15°/15°
Back Section (°) ● 0 ° - 72°
Upper Leg /Thigh rest Section(°) ● 0 ° - 40°
Lower Leg / Calf rest Section (°)
( Electric )
● Electric, 26°
Cardiac chair position ● One Button
Flat Position / CPR ● Electric
Examination position ( height mm ) ● 850
Full Chair / Chair Egress position ● One Button
Performance features
Auto Contour ● One Button
Autoregression of back part ● Back / femoral part 12°/6°
Lateral Rotation Therapy
Type of side rail 4 divided side rails
Controller on the side rail --
Lifting Mechanism 4 Columns
Mattress Retainer ● 6
Angle display On the control panel
In Bed - Scale ● Build-in
Hygiene features
Removable Deck Panels --
Removable Head/Foot Panels
Safety features
Night Light ● Under the bed
Corner buffers ● Horizontal
Nurse control with all functions lock-out ● Single or total lock
Brake off Indicator / unbreaked alarm
IV pole
Lifting pole
Patient Handset / Remote Control ● Satellite controller on a flexible arm
Portable Nurse Control Panel / Remote Control ● LCD
Foot Pedal Control
Linen Holder /
Accessory rails
Option / hole to add fixing belt or restraining belt
X-Ray Translucent Backrest and Casette Carrier ● X ray
● Cassette holder
Mattress ○ Anti-Decubitus-Mattresses
Material & Color
Material of the Desk Panels HPL
Material of the Side Rails Steel + HPL
Material of the Headboard and footboard Steel + HPL
No of Color choice 16 for the steel part, 2 for HPL
Technical Specs
EN 60601-2-52 IEC 60601-2-52:2010
Water Resistance IPX 4
● Standard  
○ Optional  
-- not available  


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 CE Certificate  ISO 9001 Certificate  EN ISO 13485 Certificate  ISO 14001 Certificate
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Item Number 1-161808-0181-011
Delivery Time By individual agreement
Short Description XC50-10 Bariatric Bed with 100cm width and weight measurment.
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