Difficult Airway Trolley XCSQD234TB

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Difficult Airway Trolley XCSQD234TB

Difficult airway trolley Sollio series with 5 drawers. Dimension (L x W x H) 800 x 475 x 970 mm.

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Difficult Airway Trolley XCSQD234TB

The XCSQD234TB trolley creates a way to store medication, instruments and other tools in a safe way and still close at hand at the same time. It's part of the Sollio Series.


Sollio Series

The Sollio Series was created with the incentive to enable a smooth organization within medical operations. All the trolleys provide support and help to staff members as well as patients who profit from a well arranged treatment.

Style, functionality and durability – these are three main components which define and summarize the concept of our hospital trolleys.



Appealing designs created by different combinations of color which perfectly align with their environment.



A big variety of models that each fulfil their intended purpose in order to support the user.



A long-lasting lifespan guaranteed by stainless steel as well as drawers that are made to resist temperature, weight and corrosion.


Color options (drawers)

By a huge range of possibilities to choose a color design and accessories, it is ensured that the demand or taste of any customer is met accordingly.


Technical Specification

Product Name XCSQD234TB
Item number 1-100704-0515-221
Category Difficult Airway Trolley
Series Sollio Series
Measurements and Weight
External Dimensions (W x D x H) [mm] By request
Main Body Dimensions (W x D x H) [mm] 800 x 475 x 970
Net Weight [kg] 55
Max. Loading of each drawer [kg] 50
Max. Total Loading [kg] 200
No. of Drawer 5
Height of the Drawer [mm] 4 x 110, 1 x 135 and 1 x 193
Number of Cabinet --
Height of the cabinet [mm] --
Number of Shelf --
Mobility aids  
Castors 4 single castors (Ø 100 mm), two with brakes and one with directional lock
Wall Bumper 4 Corners
Fence Three-sided fence around the worktop
Pillar 4 Pillars made of aluminum alloy pillar PVDF coating.Beschichtung
Side and Back Boards Aluminum composite panel
Worktop 304 Stainless steel plate
Drawer Aluminum molded drawer
Drawer handle ABS
Fence 304 Stainless steel
Wall Bumper ABS
Color Choice of 13 colors, combined freely
(XCSPZK11T1) Central Lock System
(XCSPYC11T0) Seals Locking System
(XCSDZ11T1) Digital Lock
(XCSPSX23T4) Extendable Table
(XCSPHG15T1) Soft-Closing Drawer Runners
(XCSWW21T4) Waste Bin ○¹
(XCSPFH21T4) Anti-slip Mat
(XCSPGB21T4) Drawer Divider, transparent
(XCSPYQ13T1) Defibrillator Shelf : Powder-coated Steel
(XCSYQ15T2) Defibrillator Shelf : Stainless Steel
(XCSGK112TA) Wire Basket : 230 x 110 x 140 mm ○¹
(XCSGK112TB) Wire Basket : 350 x 100 x 130 mm ○¹
(XCSSE112TA) IV Pole : 2 hooks
(XCSSE112TB) IV Pole : L-shaped, 4 hooks
(XCSSE112TC) IV Pole : 4 hooks
(XCSQJ23T4) CPR Board
(XCSPYQ11T1) Oxygen Tank Holder ○²
(XCSPDY31T4) Power Strip Holder ○²
(XCSSX11T1) Disinfectant Dispenser ○¹
(XCSST23T4) Glove Dispenser ○¹
(XCSPRQ21T4) Sharps Container ○¹
(XCSPYH22T4) Medicine Container --
(XCSYB224TA) Medicine Box --
(XCSYB224TB) Medicine Cup
(XCSDB11T1) Disposable Enclosure Lock
(XCSPBL22T4) Slide Board --
(XCSPXT11T1) Shelf ○¹
(XCSPDL23T4) Single Castor ● x 3
(XCSDL23T4D) Directional Castor ● x 1
(XCSSL25T4) Double Castor
(XCSPFS23T4) Push Handle ○¹
(XCSDH11T1) Accessory Bar (Standard Rail) **
(XCSMZ11T1) Anesthesia Box --
Bronchoscopy Fiberglass Box
Dimensions (W x D x H) [mm] 445x110x960
Capacity 3 compartments for bronchoscopy including gas valve and breathing tube fixation
● Standard  
○ Optional  
-- not available  
** ¹ one standard rail needed  
** ² two standard rails needed  

Further Information

Detailed specification on request.



Brochures on request.



 CE Certificate  ISO 9001 Certificate

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Item Number 1-100704-0515-221
Delivery Time Around 5 Days
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Difficult Airway Trolley XCSQD234TB

Difficult airway trolley Sollio series with 5 drawers. Dimension (L x W x H) 800 x 475 x 970 mm.