HiRes3D at IDS 2015​

Xcelsitas and LargeV, a world leader in scanning technology, brought their expertise to the dental market and introduced the "LargeV HiRes3D Oral Cone Beam CT (CBCT)” at IDS 2015​. The HiRes3D delivers unique value at an unmatched price-performance ratio and is designed to the needs of dentists, orthodontists and dental surgeons in all of Europe.

The HiRes3D equipment acquires a highly accurate 3D image of the whole oral cavity with resolution as high as 2.0 lp/mm after a single scan, which results in effectively meeting the requirements of the dental implant, the impacted teeth positioning, the oral surgery evaluation, the dental disease diagnosis and other oral applications.

The compact size and ergonomic design enable it to be used in restricted spaces. The highly accurate 3D image helps to acquire more comprehensive and precise information, making the treatment plan more accurate and the treatment effect more predictable, and eventually helping medical organizations expand the service scope and improve the comprehensive service quality.

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